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Worry-Free Maintenance is a fully insured company owned by Adam Cyr and Jim Plourde 
which makes owning real estate in the Katahdin Region much easier.  
We can take care of all your needs from carpentry to cleaning and everything in between.
Our clients range from large companies such as Brascan Corporation and 
Baxter State Park to individual property owners.


Adam Cyr is a reputable carpenter/contractor who has been working with the people of the Katahdin Area for 17 years.  Adam got his start in the family business, Ed Cyr and Sons Construction, a company his father started in 1955.
Jim Plourde is the third generation owner of Plourde Trucking, 
a rubbish business his grandfather started in 1943.  Plourde Trucking still stands today as the only business of its kind in Millinocket.
Steve Manzo is a licensed Arborist/Tree Expert.
Having lived and worked in the Millinocket area our entire lives, we have developed 
an excellent working relationship with some of the best contractors in the area, in 
every field.  In the unlikely event your project requires skills that are outside the 
scope of our personal experience, you can be sure we will bring in the most 
skilled craftsmen available.  We'll oversee the job and make sure it lives up to the 
high standards that we demand...........and you deserve.  
If Worry-Free Maintenance is on the job, you can be sure it will be done right!
For generations, both of our families have worked very hard to ensure that 
our family names would be synonymous with quality work, honesty and dependability.  Worry-Free Maintenance is committed to upholding these same values on each and 
every job, large or small.
Worry-Free Maintenance
555 Central Street
Millinocket, Me 04462