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Our Goal is to make owning property in the Katahdin Region completely


Spring Openings and Fall Closings:

We can provide all services needed to prepare your seasonal property 

for your arrival and/or departure.


Let us do all the dirty work. We will have your property completely ready for use 

the day you arrive. All you have to do is walk in and enjoy your stay. We can also

provide all aspects of retiring your property for the season, from cleaning, draining

your pump, disconnecting utilities, winterizing, anything necessary to ensure your

peace of mind during our tough Maine winters.


Spring Cleaning

We can spring clean your entire property, inside and out. 
Just tell us what services you need. Yes, we do windows!!!
Renovations, Both Large and Small:
With years of experience in the contractor/construction field, 
we can provide anything from installing a new door to adding 
a new addition to your property or anything in between.
General Maintenance:
Let us do the everyday upkeep of owning your property. 
Leaky faucet or a broken doorknob, we can fix most anything.
We are experienced interior and exterior painters. 
Let us make your property look like new again!
Yard Work, Road Repair, Tree Removal,...
We can provide all your landscaping needs, 

from lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers and walkways, 

we will keep your property looking great.


Preparation of Boats, Wharfs, Docks, Floats,...
We can transport your boat to and from our Mercury certified friends at D&M Sales
and have it prepared for summer or laid to rest for the winter.
They can even shrink-wrap your boat for winter preservation.
Let us prepare your wharf, dock or float for the summer season
 and remove and store it in the fall.
Bill Payment

Let us set up an account and have all of your property related bills paid by us.

 Our goal is to make your property ownership Worry-Free!!!

As you can see, the options are unlimited to what we can do for your. 
Worry Free Maintenance was established to make owning and enjoying
your vacation home in the Katahdin Region easier. 
Please give us a call at 207-723-4812 and discuss any service you may need. 


Recent Projects by Worry Free Maintenance


Worry-Free Maintenance
555 Central Street
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